What can I do for you?


Journalism, web copy, bookazines and other long-form material… I have a proven track record of brand guardianship, discerning judgement and producing compelling content


News stories, interviews, developments in technology/science, book or movie reviews, longer pieces. If you have a story to tell, or need me to find one for you, just ask. I have a wide-ranging contact book


At New Scientist I wrote advertorial for a range of clients, from Microsoft to Cancer Research UK, and spent several years as an advertising copywriter before that. My pen is at your disposal


I’ll transform your draft copy into engaging, accurate and libel-free gold – fast. I’m happy to work with editors, or get it print or web-ready with no further intervention


From posters to books, PhD theses to magazines and advertising. If you want to be confident your content is ready for publishing, let me take a look at it before you push that no-going-back launch button


I’m comfortable presenting on stage, particularly with science or technology-related events. (And don’t worry, I’m perfectly presentable myself)