Hello, I'm Sean

Hosting at New Scientist Live 2018 – the world’s largest festival of science and ideas

I am a freelance editor, journalist, copywriter, subeditor and proofreader with two decades’ experience. Welcome to my shop window. Do get in touch if I can help you achieve your goals. 

I am currently a consultant science writer for The Alan Turing Institute in London, the UK’s premier institute for data science and AI. I am bringing examples of the Turing’s pioneering research and activities to life through engaging case studies for a range of channels and audiences, and supporting the Institute in creating broader impact narratives.

Before that, I spent 14 years at New Scientist – the world’s most successful popular-science magazine. The first 10 years of that was spent as a subeditor, the last four as People Editor in the Features section (where the subscription-driving premium content lives). 

As People Editor I commissioned, edited and wrote a variety of top-class science journalism for print and web with a focus on the people behind the breakthroughs. Please peruse my portfolio, linked to above. I’ve often interviewed the very best in their fields, such as [NAME-DROP KLAXON] chess legend Garry Kasparov, Virgin Galactic’s chief test-pilot David MacKay, 3D-bioprinting pioneer Jennifer Lewis, chief economist for the Bank of England Andy Haldane, Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of graphene Andre Geim. 

As a subeditor at New Scientist, I wrestled complex pieces of writing into engaging, flowing prose, came up with killer headlines, and ensured diagrams and graphics served to enhance the journalism, not confuse it. 

I’m an all-round wordsmith who has also spent years in advertising copywriting and live television (whisper it: Richard & Judy).

I’m interested in editing, journalism, copywriting, proofreading, subediting, and hosting or speaking at science-related events. If these are things you prefer someone else to do for you, contact me today. 

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